Hen Do Photography – Harry Potter!!!

Hi everyone,

Another fun and unusual opportunity, the second in as many weeks.

This time I was lucky to be invited to a good friend’s hen do. Katie had told me that her husband to be, Chris, had convinced her that a Harry Potter themed wedding would not be a good idea. For the hen do however, this was not a problem for bridesmaid Laura. She had fully kitted out a lodge as a Harry Potter wonderland and arranged for all the guests to dress up as characters from the book. That even included the guest photographer who scared a few people upon entrance as a dementor.

Katie definitely won the prize for best dressed of the night in her excellent Harry Potter costume.

Everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time, so as everyone sat down to eat, I slipped away before the real fun started…… I believe Quidditch and Harry Potter themed drinking games were in the plans!

I can’t wait until I get to shoot Katie and Chris’ wedding next week at Channels.

Anyway, here are just a few of the shots I managed to get of the festivities.

Enjoy!Katie's Hen-1 Katie's Hen-2 Katie's Hen-3 Katie's Hen-4 Katie's Hen-5 Katie's Hen-6 Katie's Hen-7 Katie's Hen-8 Katie's Hen-9 Katie's Hen-10 Katie's Hen-11 Katie's Hen-12 Katie's Hen-13 Katie's Hen-15 Katie's Hen-16 Katie's Hen-17 Katie's Hen-18 Katie's Hen-19 Katie's Hen-14 Katie's Hen-20 Katie's Hen-21

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