An Unusual Opportunity – Wedding Photography


It has been a while since my last post, but I recently had an opportunity to do something a little unusual.

It was not your average wedding. The Bride entering the ceremony to the “Jaws” theme gave everyone a chuckle, before the bride and groom exited to “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”. There was a boat trip between ceremony and reception. The exit from the reception venue was through a line of sailors holding out ores as a tunnel, to the sounds of the lyrically adjusted “What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor” – one line of which was “Hooray and up he rises”…… if you know what I mean….. But the strangest thing about this wedding? It was my Dad’s!

I was proud to be on Best Man duties, but I did manage to find some time to grab my camera and capture some of the day for the newly married Bride and Groom.


A Dad & Beryl-2 A Dad & Beryl-14 A Dad & Beryl-1 A Dad & Beryl-3 A Dad & Beryl-9 A Dad & Beryl-10 A Dad & Beryl-16 A Dad & Beryl-17 A Dad & Beryl-33 A Dad & Beryl-36 A Dad & Beryl-42 A Dad & Beryl-44 A Dad & Beryl-51 A Dad & Beryl-52 A Dad & Beryl-53 A Dad & Beryl-68 A Dad & Beryl-79 A Dad & Beryl-83 A Dad & Beryl-86 A Dad & Beryl-88 A Dad & Beryl-91 A Dad & Beryl-94 A Dad & Beryl-95 A Dad & Beryl-97 A Dad & Beryl-98 A Dad & Beryl-103 A Dad & Beryl-105 A Dad & Beryl-106 A Dad & Beryl-109 A Dad & Beryl-111 A Dad & Beryl-112 A Dad & Beryl-115 A Dad & Beryl-117

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